Solar Glare

Reducing Solar Gain

Regulating solar gain in buildings by internal blinds will help by reflecting excess heat and specifying the correct internal Shading with reflective coatings or light coloured blinds can also help control excess solar irradiation

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Light & Glare Control

A free source of natural light the Suns intensity of this light varies throughout the day constantly. Without control creates glare and visual discomfort. Adding the correct level of Solar shading provides a level of control using natural daylight to reduce lighting and boost productivity and wellbeing

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Energy Saving

Window blinds help reduce heating, lighting & cooling costs achieving an energy balance in a building requires a universal approach to building design to maximise the benefits and ensure products and systems work harmoniously. Window blinds can maximise daylight and help to reduce cooling and heating loads.

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Productive Environments

Creating a productive and healthy environment with effective solar shading Typical commercial office buildings, costs of 80-90% are attributable to the occupants – so it makes sense to ensure the wellbeing of this expensive resource

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