Light & Glare Control

Light & Glare Control

Controlling light and glare

A free source of natural light the Suns intensity of this light varies throughout the day constantly. Without control creates glare and visual discomfort. Adding the correct level of Solar shading provides a level of control using natural daylight to reduce lighting and boost productivity and wellbeing.

Causes of visual discomfort:

Inferior colour rendition – It depends on the artificial light types, an inadequate colour rendition can sometimes have an adverse effect of productivity and levels of stress.

Glare Discomfort – Due to exaggerated levels of exterior daylight, direct sunlight or inferior contrast on the occupant’s visual focus.

Levels of day lighting – poor daylight exposure is common; Some studies have associated unfavourable behavioural effects like as depression and reduced vitality.

The safe recommended level for workstations is 500 lux, direct sunlight can be in excess of 100,000 lux, Solar shading with blinds allows daylight levels have more effect staying at comfortable levels regardless of the fluctuation of external direct sunlight throughout the year.

Solar shading integrated with clear glazing is associated with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI), which is the accurateness in rendering the colours across the visible spectrum.

Window blinds can also block light entry for rooms that require high levels of dim-out such as boardroom, lecture theatres & laboratories.


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