Reducing Solar Gain

Reducing Solar Gain

You can Reduce Solar gain by shading correctly

Rays from the SUN are significant in causing overheating in offices, Schools and buildings in General, occupants complaining of discomfort and increased costs for energy used to remove the unwanted heat. Solar shading helps to reducing cooling loads, reduce and control solar gain, improving the productivity and wellbeing of occupants.

The Suns power is infinitely variable – it is a dynamic force and glazing is typically static, so can’t cope adequately with the variability of the sun’s irradiation;

The UK is a ‘heating nation’, glazing is typically specified to retain winter heat with low-e coatings – but these also prevent excess summer heat from escaping;

The solution

Regulating solar gain in buildings by internal blinds will help by reflecting excess heat

Specifying the correct internal Shading with reflective coatings or light coloured blinds can also help control excess solar irradiation – Choose most popular form of shading in the UK.

Ventilation strategies require excellent Shading solutions, as warm air needs to be removed from buildings to help regulate internal temperatures.

Key measurement

The total solar energy transmittance through an object is the measurement of the g-value, such as glazing – but gtot is a far more relevant measurement, as this is the total solar energy transmittance through the glazing and blind combined.


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