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Friday, December 17th, 2021

What is a day and night blind you may ask? Day and night blinds, also known as Twist Vision Blinds are a popular choice when it comes to choosing blinds for your home. It is important to make every space as comfortable as you can for every room, and day and night blinds can be a suitable option for you. Luckily, at Workspace Blinds, we supply and install these wonderful and innovative blinds. Carry on reading to find out how they work and why they might be what you’re searching for. 


Day and night roller blinds in the colour grey

Why Are They So Popular?

Day and night blinds are in demand due to them being the only style of blinds that have opaque and transparent horizontal panels. This new technology enables you to have control over how much light and privacy you require, during the day and the night. They come in a variety of fabulous colours and are aesthetically pleasing to match your home’s design. 


How Do They Work?

Day and night blinds have two separate fabrics that slide past each other when pulling the cord. This allows for easy day and night usage. The transparent layer is a day blind whilst the block colour is known as the night blind. These blinds incorporate the best of both blinds as they are a hybrid between Venetian and roller blinds. Day and night blinds can be fully extended, retracted and twisted to angle the light, in which this feature is taken from the Venetian blind

Still confused? That’s ok as we have a video to show you which will clarify how day and night blinds work:


How To Measure Day And Night Blinds

You first must decide whether or not you want your vision blinds inside the window recess or outside, to cover the window entirely. Then make sure there are no obstructions where the blind will hang.

Start by gathering your equipment. Grab a tape measure, notepad and pen. If your blinds are inside the recess then you must take three width measurements. Measure each window individually, measure the width across the top middle and bottom. The narrowest measurement of the three is the width, which is known as the recess width. Now take the tape measure and measure the drop of the recess which is how far the blind drop goes and then measure the left, middle then the right side. Again, the shortest measure of the three will be the recess drop.

If you need your blind outside of the recess to cover the full window, then you should find out the deepest and widest point of your window recess. This is done by measuring, which was pointed out previously. Next, you will need to add both to the width and the drop for the blinds to overlap the recess. It is recommended that the minimum overlap is 10cm on each side above and below. After you have added the allowances, you will have the exact blind sizes. It is important to remember that with day and night blinds the exact width is end to end which includes the fabric width which is always 43 millimetres narrower and the brackets. Now you have measured them and want to install them, we can help you get them fitted quick and easy, just call us


 Benefits Of Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds are exceedingly versatile and can be used through every season. Here are the benefits:


  1. Regulating room temperature
    Light transparent blinds are great at repelling heat from entering your home as well as darker shades by trapping heat. Lighter blinds are preferred during the summer and darker blinds are useful during wintertime.


  1. Privacy
    Blinds that are fully transparent allow little to no privacy. Whilst darker blinds give people the privacy they need, they would have to sacrifice obtaining sunlight. This is where day and night blinds come in, as they can really help with sunlight exposure and also help keep the noisy neighbours out from peeping in. 


  1. Sunlight exposure
    The direction of the sunlight will not only illuminate a specific area of the room but the room will turn cooler on account of the shade that is cast. This means you can choose which area you want to be cooler or warmer in your home.

How Are Day and Night Blinds Maintained? 

Day and night blinds require slightly more care than other blinds. However, not much more than usual. Cleaning them requires a delicate approach, use a soft damp cloth and gently wipe on both sides the two layers of fabric. This is what makes them desirable as other blinds such as roller blinds can be subjected to harsher substances and rough cleaning procedures. It is not costly to maintain and with regular cleaning it can serve its owners for quite a long time. 

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