Anti-Glare Blinds

Anti-glare blinds work by controlling the amount of light coming through the window where your choice of fabric will determine how much light will transmit, reflect or absorb into the fabric. The main aim is to improve visual comfort without compromising lighting.

Solar Gain

The amount of heat increases resulting from solar energy entering a room. It is the total of three separate parts – the amount of energy transmitted directly into the room, the energy which is absorbed by the blind and the proportion of energy which is absorbed by the window.

Shading Coefficient

The solar heat gain with the blind at the window divided by the solar heat gain with no blind at the window. The lower the shading coefficient, therefore, the higher the efficiency of the fabric. The test results in the table above have been achieved using a single 6mm glass glazing system.


When the G-value (a measure of total solar energy that passes through the glazing system and the blind fabric) of the glazing is combined with the value of the shading.

Modern blinds can control the amount of light permitted through the fabric.

This is determined by:

  1. Thickness of materials
  2. Colour
  3. Fabric openness
  4. Type of glass of the window

Some of our roller blind fabrics have a solar protective coating with “Low E” to enhance the reflection of light and heat, reducing solar gain entering a building


Why do you may need an anti-glare blind solution?

Window blinds are perfect for various types of environments, such as hotels, schools, nursery and offices. This is where anti-glare solutions are very important, even more so in the winter season where the sun is lowest or around January when the sun is the closest to the earth and the brightest. Besides anti-glare blinds providing great decor, they can add warmth to your commercial premises. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to use anti-glare blinds:

  1. Light control
    You can easily control the amount of light entering the room. Whether you want to fully or partially cover the entire window. This combined with blind fabrics and colours with the aspect of lighting control, is great for offices helping your staff work more effectively by improving the office environment
  1. Energy Saving
    Window blinds can work well in hotels and restaurants where heating is very important for your guest to maximise their comfort. This works by providing insulation trapping air against the windows. This makes it easier to control the temperature in the room, allowing for heating and cooling, saving you money on your heating bill. By blocking sunlight from entering the room you can effectively reduce heat in the room by up to 45%. As a result, enabling you to be energy efficient.
  1. Easy to maintain
    Blinds are super easy to maintain in comparison to curtains. Depending on the material of the blinds in most cases cleaning is straightforward. Simply, wiping the blind with a damp cloth will remove dirt and dust. They are quite strong and durable meaning they are long-lasting, very rarely needing repairs.
  1. Privacy
    Blinds work well for privacy, whilst able to let a degree of light enter the room without compromising on confidentiality. This is perfect for doctors surgeries, dentists and hotel guests where privacy and discretion are important.
  1. Provides great aesthetics
    As well as the additional value of energy-saving and temperature control; blinds can really brighten any room. They can match wooden or metallic decor being consistent with your commercial premises theme. With an array of colours, patterns and styles they will make the working environment a place to feel comfortable. Download our PDF on our range of fabrics and colours.
  1. Cost-effective
    Because of the wide range of choices and blinds systems, there is everything for everyone’s budget. This makes them very affordable as you can opt for patterned blinds with an electric mechanism or cheaper plain blinds that work just as well. Installation is very easy and we can do all this for you. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.
  1. Safety precautions
    Commercial premises such as hospitals, ​​psychiatrist wards, care homes, nursery and schools can be dangerous with traditional curtains. Chords can be hazardous in certain establishments however with blinds you can have them cordless and motorised removing all hazards. Not only are they safe but they add a touch of class well.


Anti-glare blinds summary

In summary, anti-glare blinds are a great way to reduce glare from the sun to improve visual comfort and commercial businesses can benefit in a variety of ways, improving comfort and saving money.

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Here at Workspace Blinds, we have a variety of roller blind types and styles to match the decor
of your commercial premises. Roller blinds remove obstructions from your windows, allowing an open fresh feel.



Contact our team for a quote. We can survey, supply and install in a couple of weeks. We can offer advice and information on the specification and design requirement, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.


Contact our team for a quote. We can survey, supply and install in a couple of weeks. We can offer advice and information on the specification and design requirement, allowing you to save a considerable amount of money.